Space: planning

New York based WorkAC recently won the competition for the master plan of New Holland Island in Saint Petersburg. Their 7-year master plan will open up the ex-military hub to the public for the first time in nearly 300 years.

It is an exciting project as the island will be turned into a cultural hub for the public. It is said that it will be “fully restored to accommodate commercial spaces, galleries and educational facilities“.

WorkAC is not at all inexperienced in creating master plans across the globe. One of their projects in Shenzhen, China, is the redesign of the Hua Qiang Bei Road. Again, they used the strategic method in reinforcing the Chinese characters with their ‘lantern’ design; they came up with a 3D design that would allow the smooth flow of shoppers and the heavy traffic. Usable space has been extended downwards into the underground in order to maximise public space for shoppers.

The practice is celebrated for being one of the 25 most influential design firms in the world. They have also exemplified the ever growing dimensions of architectural and urban designs seeing that the increasingly interconnected globe has brought architecture and urban planning face to face with culture.


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