private space


Before the pavilion is finally open to public tomorrow 1st June 2012, it is important to acknowledge those construction workers who have made all this possible. A great architectural work is not only the work of architects and artists; it is also work of those who built it. The construction of the pavilion was confronted with various difficulties which were eventually overcome. Despite that the whole construction process was hidden behind the fence, the sound of it could still be heard and that was the only way the process and the workers made their presence and contribution to making it all possible. Therefore I decided to record the sound of the construction to document the process that is often overlooked and taken for granted.

Following Mad Colours’ single launch, the trio put on a show at Site Gallery, Sheffield, showcasing their artworks… Here are a few highlights.

Finally got round to seeing Kings Cross’ concourse which has been built ready for the Games.

Chen Man’s first solo exhibition at Manchester Chinese Arts Centre

Great works but the exhibition space hardly does the works any justice. The spectacles exhibited by the works themselves are significantly undermined by the brightness of the space reflected by the white wall… Otherwise, the show would have been a complete success.


Simmel wrote about how doors can separate the connected, what about window?

Window is a funny thing. Its physical property draws a line between the inside and outside, yet people inside can see out and people outside can in. Unlike a door, it somewhat connects the separated private and public spaces. I have this habit (which I am sure most people have) of looking into a house whenever I walk pass one, just to see what is inside that house and imagine myself being in it. But when I am in my flat, I am anxious about people looking in, I feel my private space is being exposed; it has gone public. Somehow, it gives me an odd sense of security because I can see what it is going on outside. I can see my cat playing outside and across the road; I can keep an eye on him. I can see what the weather looks like before I head out. It allows me to get the information of the day I need.

Because of windows, a house is lit up by the natural light flooding in. Every single window in the house frames up a piece of natural painting of the outside world in it seasonal dressing. It is a poetic piece.